Lidia S. Balado

Illustrator, Artist Basque Country - Spain

Currently, my work is based on the basis of children’s illustration, ranging from the sweetening of reality and some movements with a tendency to gothic / macabre Art. I define my style as a simple but effective, elegant, melancholy and even frail. I like to give a twist to everything that I create, by tapping somewhat naif.

As far as technique is concerned, although I do not rule the digital edition I try not to abuse in their practice. Indeed, if there is anything that defines my work is the preference for more traditional techniques such as xylography, chalcography, serigraphy and lithography supplemented with watercolors, acrylics, inks and gouaches.

It is therefore an intuitive, creative and very laborious very personal work which is reflected both my style, personality and that overturning all my passion.



Master in Research and Creation in Art


Fine Arts


Graphic Techniques Chalcography Lythography Xilography Serigraphy Mixed Media Traditional Illustration Collage